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Organizational and Human Behavior
In business there are two types of behavioral considerations. The first one is the most fundamental and that's human behavior. It determines how each person handles a particular task. The second type of behavior is less known and is called organizational behavior. Most companies do not even address either type of behavior when making daily business decisions. This is one of the untapped resources that will improve your company's financial standing as well and maintain a positive relationship with your employees. There is no one size fits all in this type of environment. It is also a type of art form to develop an effective behavioral based solution. The rewards are significant to the business, the employee, and the client. It is a "win-win" proposition.

These two subjects are one of the least understood by many in business. Many believe it's not significant enough to consider when designing business solutions or establishing processes. Just simply put a solution in place and they will use it or quit. The problem is that as a service company you may lose their best employee because the systems are so frustrating or the systems take away someone's dignity that they would rather walk away from it, rather than deal with the system. I have seen this time after time.

We have always understood this philosophy and strived in achieving both.  If one had a desk phone and the phone was so restricted that they could only call phone numbers that the company allowed them to call, how many would use it. If a mail system cuts someone off when you need it most, how many will find an alternate.  If the average person is smart enough to resolve a fundamental problem and no one listens, how will that impact the relationship with his or her client?

We know a productive employee is a happy employee. A happy employee is a healthy employee. This benefits the company in many ways.  According to the FEDEX Chairman (Fred Smith) a happy employee in a service company leads to long-term client relationships. IT plays a crucial role in this, just as it does in everyone's personal life, but more so in business.

It is the person that interacts with the technology, not the other way around. Since the person interacts with IT systems, human behavior must be understood and considered. The better the employee responds to the system, the more productive he or she becomes. This also effects intrinsic motivation. This is a fundamental principle.

How an organization behaves determines how the services are provided. To be successful, the services must follow the business's needs. IT solutions must be heavily focused on user and business processes. There are many applications that can perform a similar function. Some fit the organization better than others. A company must focus on the core foundations and develop solutions that provide optimization and productivity according to operational behavior and not just provide the service based on technical merit alone.

We are the link that bridges the aspects of behavior, processes and systems design. Our job is to help businesses so they can stay focused, doing what they do best.